Kurzweil’s Digital Piano MP-10 Review: The Most Hidden Gem


Steve Wonder & Ray Kurzweil at Namm 2010

Kurzweil is so underknown although this company has by far the most advanced digital piano sound technology. Ray Kurzweil, the renowned founder of Kurzweil Music, is the very person who realized the future of computer music and who actually substantiated the power of computer music technology. In the 1980s and 1990s he pioneered some of the industry’s most loved synthesizers. Kurzweil Music System Co. started started with a bet between Steve Wonder and Ray Kurzweil on whether it is possible to realize the acoustic instrument sound with computer technology. Ray Kurzweil says “Steve asked if it would be possible to build a bridge between the powerful control methods of computer music, with the beautiful sounds of acoustic instruments such as piano and guitar. I thought about it, and concluded that it would be feasible.”

Kurzweil’s PC Series

Kurzweil’s acclaimed synthesizer products such as PC series were adopted and used to produce musicby many artists in the world,

The seemed to fail a little bit.

A traditional reaction of musicians to our Kurzweil keyboards has often been ‘If only I could
afford one.’ That’s why am personally excited by the recent PC3 line ranging from the PC3LE
to the top-of-the-line PC3K, and incorporating our new ‘MARA’ chip into the home products
such as the CUP2, and very affordable MP-10

Brand Strength

Roland Most Realistic Representation of Acoustic Piano Touch
Kurzweil Best Sound Technology
Yamaha Reliability, Competitive Brand Name
Casio Affordable Price