4. Things to be wary of before purchasing digital piano online.

First and foremost,

Online shopping is increasing world-wide at a rapid rate. The reason being…

  1. To check prices
    2. Lack of time to go to a store
    3. Comfortable delivery
    4. No tax charge(only if purchased out of state), and great price
    5. Easier comparisons…
    6. And many more reasons.

Some people refrain from online shopping due to…

  1. Wants to physically see the product
    2. Online scam
    3. Problem with products
    4. Must wait for delivery
    5. Will the delivery workout without problem?…
    6. And many other reasons.

Just as I have stated in the beginning, only authorized dealers can sell newly released products. It isn’t like cars where neighborhood car dealership can sell brand new cars. Only authorized dealers that instrument companies recommend can only sell newly released products. If you purchase from an authorized dealer, you will not have to ever worry about online scam, product problems, and delivery problems. Companies give trusted dealers authorizations so you won’t ever have to worry about it if you were to buy from an authorized dealer.

Digital piano must be purchased after making of a definite decision. Digital pianos are mostly large in size and heavy, thus, delivery fees are quite hefty. Even if shoppers receive free delivery, dealers will pay the price of delivery. If you read through the return policy of most dealers, it might seem like they will take returns within only several days, but it is very difficult. The moment a purchaser takes in the digital piano delivery to shipping company (i.e. Fedex), the digital piano isn’t brand new anymore; it becomes a used digital piano. Would the dealer take 100% liability and take in the returns?…. it is actually more suspicious if they actually do take 100% liability. Would the dealer sell the returned piano as brand new? Or used?… if it is sold as used, can the dealer take the liability?…. if I were to buy from that dealer, is my brand new digital piano actually a returned item?… or is it an untethered brand new item? Think rationally and most dealers will not take in returns with complete liability. You must be wary of the term ‘original packing’… original packing means untethered items.


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Digital pianos have margins that are not that huge… delivery fees are hefty. Shoppers must buy after sufficient research. If not, shoppers will end up being liable for 15-20% restocking fees. However, if there was a defect on the item during produce, or during delivery, most dealers will provide 100% refund.

Also, it is important to purchase your digital piano from dealer with knowledge and facts. If shoppers ask question, and definite answers aren’t given, it can be a red flag that the dealer might not have sufficient knowledge on the product. When that is the case, there might be a frustration if problems arise.

Even pianists and piano technicians don’t have specialized knowledge in digital piano. In a way, salesman with huge experience in digital piano might have way more knowledge. Authorized dealers are entrusted and acknowledged by companies. Check if they are authorized dealer before you make any purchase.

Analyze shipping information and return policy before you make any purchase. Even if there is a huge amount of order processing, usually delivery will take under 10 days. (with exception of Hawaii and Alaska.)
There are two different ways of digital piano shipping process: dealers ship to shopper, or brand Company ships to shopper through ‘drop shipping.’ You must know how products are shipped and how it is delivered to effective control delivery and prepare for a large item. Also, it is very important to check the packaging to see if there was been any tampering and contact the dealer if there are any problem for swift feedback. That way, dealers can investigate if it was a fault of delivery or a defect item.

Las Vegas Music would like to explain what we observed as we provided digital pianos online in the past in numerical order. Please read it before you make any digital piano purchase and hope this will guide you through the purchase.

And more…. It will guide you in your purchase, will provide all our best knowledge and opinion of the employees of Las Vegas Music, offer the best suitable product based on the intentions of the customer and will not make any biased opinion by pushing or recommending a certain product.

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