Yamaha DGX650 Review & Best Price

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Review – Digital piano Yamaha DGX650 / Yamaha DGX650 Price / Yamaha DGX650 Compare Sound & Function —  One of the Best Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650 is widely used for Educational purposes.07732024DB8644889DAA03CF7C55B9EC_12073 Yamaha DGX-650 has a lot of function and is made portable but  little bit heavy, making it a harder product for users to frequent  transportation. Initially, DGX-640 model was used for educational  purposes popularly but Yamaha DGX-650 can be used for  performance, education, recital, choir and many other purposes.

Compared to other portables it contains a large speaker that  allows grandeur and natural sound. Yamaha DGX-650 has LED  screen to provide convenient function control. Headphone and  external speaker can also be used with cabinet stand to a    comfortable height for educational purposes.

We strongly  recommend this product to users who want a digital  piano that is  portable, many functions, and student of different  genre. It is fit to  be used in home, church, auditorium, stage,  dormitory and other  places. Basically, cabinet stand is included at a price of $799.99  which is a great price. 3 pedal (LP7) and bench can be purchased additionally at the shopper’s choice.


Yamaha DGX-650is portable with excellent large  speaker with smaller output but can express high quality detailed sounds. Yamaha DGX-650 samples the  grand  piano CFIII 9’ which plays grandeur sound clearly and cleanly. With installed  speaker,   subwoofer, and twitter, it can effectively play bass stronger and play high- pitch  sharper.  Yamaha DGX-650 has 128 Polyphony able to play any genre of any  songs with dynamic sound and ability to control strength of responsiveness more  conveniently. Yamaha DGX-650 has more than 523 amount of voice in brass, woodwind, and others. It can be an aid to musical studies as it is harmonious being sampled from Yamaha instruments. It has more than 165 rhythms and it can give amusement to performance.



Yamaha DGX650 has also 88-key weighted hammer action. It has similar system as an acoustic piano in that higher pitched keys are lighter than lower pitched keys. Yamaha P115 has GHS (Grade hammer standard), so Yamaha DGX650 is able to control touch and responsiveness. Touch is lighter and allows easier control responsiveness and velocity, making it a good piano for the use of both performance and practice.


Yamaha DGX-650 has many different functions such as :

Rhythm | 165 of different rhythm is included to give users more amusement. It also has smart code function which provides background music as it detects left hand’s performance.

523 of different instrument voices | sampled from Yamaha instruments that allows users to feel the clean expression Yamaha’s clear sound.

LED Screen | Yamaha DGX-650 has LED Screen that allows convenient use of different functions and even states description of function details.

Apps | Apps can be used on your smartphones and pads which connects to the Yamaha DGX650. You can enhance your enjoyment through variety of apps and functions through this technology.


  • NoteStar


Works with: iPad / iPad 2
Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later
Languages: English

Download on the App Store

Download from the App Store

  • Piano Diary

Song Beats

Works with: iPad 2 / iPad / iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS / iPod touch (4th generation, 3rd generation)
Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later
Languages: English
Supported instruments: You can use Piano Diary with any MIDI- or USB-equipped piano, digital piano or keyboard. For instruments that have USB, you will need an iPad or iPad 2 with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
**requires optional IUX1 USB to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch connector

Download from the App Store

Download on the App Store

  • Visual Performer

Song Chords

Works with: iPhone 3GS/4/4S & later, iPod touch (3rd/4th Generation & later), iPad (1st/3rd generation), iPad2 (2nd generation)
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later
Languages: English and Japanese
Supported instruments: **requires optional IUX1 USB to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch connector

Download on the App Store

Download from the App Store

USB Port (TO HOST and TO DEVICE) |  You can transfer data easily, share recorded music or make-your-own CD and edit data on computer from Yamaha DGX-650. Also USB Flash drives allow data to be saved and be carried to anywhere users want. External devices such as iPod can be connected to the AUX-in Port to enjoy music through the Yamaha DGX-650 speaker to clearly play custom music.

Monitor Speaker Function |  Sound output to Yamaha DGX-650 speakers even when headphone is used which allows dual use during concerts.

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Yamaha DGX-650 comes with keyboard, cabinet stand, switch damper pedal and adapter. 3 pedal(LP7) and bench can be purchases additionally.


Yamaha DGX-650 provides 3 year part and labor warranty.


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DGX-650B (Black), DGX-650WH (White)


****Trouble seeing the specification table on your gadget? Here is the original specifications page: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/digitalpianos/p_series/dgx-650/?mode=model


Dimensions Width 1,397mm (55″) / with keyboard stand: 1,399mm (55-1/16″)
Height 146mm (5-3/4″) / with keyboard stand: 761mm (29-15/16″)
Depth 445mm (17-1/2″) / with keyboard stand: 445mm (17-1/2″)
Weight Weight 22.5kg (49lbs. 10oz.) / with keyboard stand: 29.5kg (65lbs. 1oz.)

Control Interface

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Type Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
Touch Response Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed
Other Controllers Pitch Bend Yes
Display Type Full Dot LCD
Size 320 x 240 dots
Color Monochrome
Contrast Yes
Score Display Function Yes
Lyrics Display Function Yes
Language English
Panel Language English


Tone Generation Piano Sound Pure CF Sound Engine
Damper Resonance Yes
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 128
Preset Number of Voices 147 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 381 XGlite
Featured Voices 1 Natural! Voice, 9 Live! Voices, 8 Sweet! Voices, 7 Cool! Voices
Compatibility GM Yes
XGlite Yes


Types Reverb 35 types
Chorus 44 types
DSP 237 types
Master EQ 5 types
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes
Functions Dual/Layers Yes
Split Yes
Panel Sustain Yes (Function Menu)

Accompaniment Styles

Preset Number of Preset Styles 195
Fingering Multi Finger, Full Keyboard, AI Fingered
Style Control INTRO, MAIN x 2, FILL-IN, ENDING
Custom User Styles Style File Format
Other Features Music Database 305
One Touch Setting (OTS) Yes
Style Recommender Yes
Smart Chord Yes


Preset Number of Preset Songs 100
Recording Number of Songs 5
Number of Tracks 6 (5 Melody + 1 Chord)
Data Capacity Approx. 30,000 notes for 1 user songs (when only “melody” tracks are recorded)
Compatible Data Format Playback SMF (Format 0, Format 1), XF
Recording SMF (Format 0)


Registration Number of Buttons 4 ( x 8 banks )
Lesson/Guide Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) Waiting, Your tempo, Minus one, Repeat & Learn, Chord Dictionary
Demo/Help Demonstration Yes
USB Audio Recorder Playback .wav
Recording .wav
Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 280
Transpose -12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tuning Yes
Miscellaneous PIANO Button Portable Grand Button

Storage and Connectivity

Storage Internal Memory Approx. 1.7MB
External Drives USB Flash Memory
Connectivity DC IN DC IN 12V
Headphones x 1
Sustain Pedal x 1
Pedal Unit x 1

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers 6W x 2
Speakers 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2

Power Supply

Power Supply Adaptor (PA-150 or the equivalent )
Power Consumption 13W


Accessories Owner’s Manual, Data List,Online Member Product Registration, Keyboard Stand, Footswitch, Music Rest, AC Power Adaptor (May be not included depending on your locale.)