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Yamaha P115 has 88-key Weighted Grade Hammer Action.
YAMAHA P series started as Yamaha P85 and is one of the bestseller in the world.
Yamaha P115 prides on the clean and accurate sound that can be grandeur.
Yamaha P115 has a great speaker compared to other portables so Yamaha P115 is the epitome of a portable model that many musicians and school teachers use in order to play outdoors.
Yamaha P105 has been popularly valued and popularly purchased by many shoppers.
The latest of the series, YAMAHA P115, may be available to public, possibly starting April of 2015, if released sooner.
Yamaha P115 has been in so much public interest that even many online shoppers are already consulting us for the purchase.
Yamaha P115 is sampled on acknowledged acoustic piano sound of CFIIIS 9’ which prides on clarity and cleanliness.
It has more functions that the previous Yamaha P105.
Yamaha P115 has 4 more rhythm types and will be able to use variety of downloadable soft wares and smartphone apps provided by Yamaha which were only available to P255 previously. Continuing from Yamaha P105, we expect consistent growth in sales.
Yamaha P115 is also portable and has smaller speaker but Yamaha P115 performs unique clear sound of Yamaha! Priced at $599, Yamaha P115 is same price as Yamaha P105.
Stand (L85), bench, and 3 pedals (LP5A) can be additionally purchased.

Sound 3FE891CEE62A403FBF0E9171DF21D7C5_12074Yamaha is famous for acoustic pianos.
Yamaha digital piano samples its own acoustic pianos so Yamaha p115 has the clarity and cleanliness of the acoustic pianos.
Sampled on the sound of the Yamaha CFIIIS Concert 9’ grand pianos, Yamaha Digital Piano P115 has grandeur lower notes and with unique resonance, it is upgraded to emulate acoustic grade piano.
Yamaha P115’s has polyphony 192 and is upgraded from P105 (128 Polyphony) allowing it to perform any songs. Speakers are 7X7-14watts.
There are 14 sound voices and it can be even easier to control voices with use of downloadable apps provided by Yamaha.
With the use of pianist style rhythm function, users can play more enjoyably by making background rhythm with even easy chords during performance.
It also has 4 more rhythm compared to the former Yamaha P105.
Yamaha P Series has been popular due to exceptional sound compared to other pianos within the price range and style.
We strongly recommend this piano for shoppers who desire digital pianos with great price.

Keyboard DB1CBB4C76494ED08629C4F327CD7E06_12005 Yamaha P115 has also 88 weighted hammer action.
It has similar system as an acoustic  piano which is excellent for practicing.
Yamaha P115 has GHS (Grade hammer standard),  so Yamaha P115 is able to control touch and responsiveness.
Lighter touch makes  control touch and responsiveness easier, making the Yamaha P115 the best piano for the use of both  performance and practice.
Function Yamaha P115 has functions that can aid performers as a portable digital piano.

Rhythm function of Pianist Style |  When chords are played with a left hand, background music is automatically played which can be a great enhancement to ears when played.


Apps| There are 14 sound voices and it can be even easier to control voices with use of downloadableapps provided by YAMAHA.

Below is a great video from Youtube of Yamaha P115’s App and things you can work with.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.02.02Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.02.11Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.05.45Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.06.26Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.06.58Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 오후 10.07.34chord tracker




Layer (Dual layer) | With this technique, you can play two different sounds simultaneously on one key. You will be able to play ‘piano and string’ sound or ‘piano and organ’ sound simultaneously on one key. You will be able to make the performance more beautiful and will give you more enjoyment.layered_final

Split | You can play two different instrument sounds on each hand within a keyboard. For example, left hand can play vibratone, right hand can play piano; it gives effect of one person playing two different instrument sound.split_final

Duet mode | You can divide the keyboard into two separate pianos with the same chromatic scale. This is will become playing two of 44-keys pianos; it is fit for performance or a lesson between a student and a teacher.duetmode

Transpose Function | You can easily harmonize with different instruments.

Other functions include recording, metronome, USB function and it has an OUT IN plug that can connect to another speaker. Yamaha P115 also has USB function that connects to computer and enjoy composition and computer music.

Option Yamaha Digital Piano P115 includes keyboard, note holder, Adapter, Switch Damper Pedal is included.  Cabinet, stand(L85), 3 pedal(LPA5), bench can be bought separately.

Color 9BD6FEC534FD43ACA3635A40347C31BB_12075     7377BA8CE8C64BC9BA3483F1AE3DA8D7_12075 YAMAHA P115B(Black), YAMAHA P115WH(White)

Warranty —  Yamaha P115 provides 3 year part and labor warranty.

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****Trouble seeing the specification table on your gadget? Here is the original specifications page: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/digitalpianos/p_series/p-115/


Dimensions Width 1,326mm (52-1/4”)
Height 163mm (6-1/4”)
Depth 295mm (11-1/2”)
Weight Weight 11.8kg (26lbs.)

Control Interface

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Type Graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard, matte finish on black keys
Touch Sensitivity Hard/medium/soft/fixed
Panel Language English


Tone Generation Piano Sound Pure CF Sound Engine
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 192
Preset Number of Voices 14


Types Reverb Yes (four types)
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes
Damper Resonance Yes
Functions Dual/Layers Yes
Split Yes
Duo Yes


Preset Number of Preset Songs 14 demo songs and 50 piano songs
Recording Number of Songs 1
Number of Tracks 2
Data Capacity 100 KB per song (approx. 11,000 notes)
Compatible Data Format Playback SMF (format 0, format 1)
Recording SMF (format 0)


Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 280
Transpose -6 to 0,0 to +6
Tuning 414.8 – 440.0 – 446.8 Hz
Rhythm 14
Style 10 (Pianist Style)

Storage and Connectivity

Connectivity DC IN DC IN 12 V
Headphones Standard x 2
Sustain Pedal Yes (Half pedal available with optional FC3A)
Pedal Unit Yes (Optional)

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers 7 W x 2
Speakers 12 cm (4-1/2”) x 2 + 4 cm (1-1/2”) x 2

Power Supply

Power Supply PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts
Power Consumption 6 W (using PA-150 power adapter)
Auto Power Off Function Yes


Included Accessories Music Rest Yes
Pedal/Footswitch Yes
AC Adaptor PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts