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Out of all the Kawai digital pianos, the best digital piano to be used as a home-style digital piano is Kawai KDP90.
Kawai piano prides on deep sound and even has many acoustic manias and fan base. The excellence of resonance-spread attracts many shoppers to this product.
Sampled from the sound of Kawai piano, Kawai KDP90 has high polyphony of 192.
Kawai Digital Pianos put enormous amount of effort in improving its keyboard action.
Kawai KDP90 is admired by customers who look for heavier keyboard action and similar touch as an acoustic piano.
Kawai KDP90 is equipped with the AHA IV-F (Acoustic Hammer Action) which uses the AR (Acoustic Response) Technology with same keyboard size as an acoustic piano with a weighted 88 keys.
Kawai KDP90 sound power output of 13Wx2 from its installed speakers.
The sound sampling of Kawai KDP90 built with an outstanding focus on resonance.
Kawai KDP90 is best fit for use in small places such as dormitories, homes, and other places of rest.
With the stand and matching bench included, Kawai KDP90 is a great fit for children who are beginners.
Kawai KDP90 is priced at 1149.00 and benches can be purchased optionally.

Sound — Sampled from Kawai acoustic pianos, Kawai KDP90 is built to sound just like an acoustic piano.
Kawai KDP90 uses sound technology called Harmonic Imaging. This cutting edge technology is aimed to create a state-of-the-art sound with dynamic tonality.
The true beauty of this system is that the Harmonic Imaging technology is made to reproduce a rich dynamic range of the original concert grand piano.
Sound of Kawai KDP90 is loved by many pianists and Kawai KDP90 is used even in public places such as schools.

Touch —- The AHA IV-F graded hammer action utilizes hammer action to mimic the responsiveness and nuance of the Kawai acoustic piano.
As you move up the keyboard you will notice the weight of the keys getting lighter. This is a mechanical characteristic of grand piano.
Approved by Kawai’s fan base, this action system is one of the most satisfying keyboard actions ever.

Function—- Kawai KDP90 has many functions that can satisfy the users.

  1. Sound| Including piano sounds, Kawai KDP90 has variety of sounds you can use to enhance your play. This can include organ, piano, drum, electric piano, string, and varieties of other sounds.
  2. Layer (Dual Mode)| With this technique, you can play two different sounds simultaneously on one key. You will be able to play piano and string sound or piano and organ sound at the same time. You will be able to make the performance more beautiful and will give you more enjoyment.layered_final
  3. 4 Hand Mode|You can play two different instrument sounds on each side of the keyboard. For example, left side can play vibratone, right side can play piano; it can be a function to use for duets.
  4. Rhythm| Kawai KDP90 has 15 exceptional instrument sounds to enhance your performance. Also includes Alfred lesson songs that players can use for learning purposes as well as enjoyment.
  5. Sliding Key Cover| Kawai KDP90 has an installed sliding key cover that can protect the keyboard from dusts and other outside substances that can harm a digital piano.
  6. Other functions include computer MIDI Jacks, Recording function, metronome function, registration (memory function), Concert Magic, and many others. With variety of song selections, Concert Magic can allow a player to
    Screen of the Concert Magic function.

    experience thrill of playing a piano, even for beginners who never touched a piano before.

Option —- Kawai KDP90 comes with note stand, adapter, Cabinet stand, 3 pedals and matching bench

Warranty —- Warranty coverage of Kawai products are 3 year part and labor warranty.

Color —- Kawai KDP90 R (Rosewood)




****Trouble seeing the specification table on your gadget? Here is the original specifications page: http://www.kawaius.com/main_links/digital/CS_KDP/KDP90/kdp90-specs.html

Keyboard > 88 Weighted Keys
Action > Advanced Hammer Action IV-F (AHA IV-F)
Sound Source > Harmonic Imaging™ (HI)
88-Key Piano Sampling
Internal Sounds (15) > Concert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Modern Piano, Classic E.Piano, Modern E.Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Slow String, Choir, New Age Pad, Atmosphere
Max. Polyphony > 192
Reverb > Room, Small Hall, Concert Hall
Internal Recorder > 3 Song, 1-Track — 15000 Notes (approx.)
Lesson Function > Alfred Basic 1A and 1B
Metronome > Beat: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8
Tempo: 10-300 bpm
Demo Songs > 15 Songs
Concert Magic > 40 Songs
Keyboard Modes > Dual Mode (with adjustable volume balance), Four -Hands Mode
Other Functions > Damper Resonance, Touch, Tuning, Transpose, Transmit Program Change Number, MIDI Channel, Local Control,
Multi-timbral Mode
Key Cover > Sliding Type
Jacks > MIDI (IN/OUT), Headphones x 2
Pedals > Damper (with Half-Pedal support),
Sostenuto, Soft
Speakers > 12 cm x 2
Output Power > 13 W x 2
Dimensions > 53.5” (W) x 15.8” (D) x 33.5”(H)
Weight > 83.6 lbs.
Cabinet Finish > Rosewood


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