6 Proven Reason Why Beginners Become Master Pianists 10x Times Faster on Digital Piano

Many people who learn on Digital Piano learn much faster In order to learn the digital piano. Now-a-days, teachers, tutors, pianists and musicians recommend learning piano on digital piano due to the advances in technology makes digital piano much superior than upright piano and much closer to a grand piano. Here is 6 reasons why learning on digital piano will improve your piano skills MUCH FASTER than an acoustic piano.

  1. Headphone / Control Volume: With digital piano, you can control the volume of the digital piano. This is very necessary when practicing during nights. When an acoustic pianos are played during night time, it may be too loud for neighbors or other household members. This can not only cause personal problems among others but also, amount of practice time will be limited for the student. By using volume controls and headphones, student can practice the piano whenever he or she pleases. Allowing more practice time can give student accelerated improvements.
    Yamaha YDP142 - Right
  2. Touch Response Controls: You can control the touch action of the digital piano. This allow younger children to control the touch response to match their fragile joints and ligaments. Children’s joints and ligaments are sensitive and normal pianos can be detrimental for their joint health. Digital piano can give extra comfort to children pianists and students when they are younger.touch response function
  3. Record and Evaluate your performance: Most digital piano will have a recording function that allows users to record their performance. By recording one’s performance electronically on the digital piano. One can easily listen to the performance and make a discerning judgement on the performance in a third person perspective. By doing this, even small mistakes and intricate improvements can take a beginner further to a advanced level. In music, small details matter a lot.record button
  4. No need for tuning: Most acoustic pianos require tuning. tuning requires extra expenses to tune the acoustic piano every time digital piano goes out of tune. Acoustic piano gets out of tune many times and because they are constantly in need of tuning, there is no guarantee that all of the keys on the piano will be in tune. Many times at least one of the key will be out of tune. You will need to either tune it yourself or call in professional tuning expert. With a digital piano, there is no worry about tuning. Digital piano does not need to be tuned at all and your sound will stay constant.tuning
  5. Lesson functions and Metronome: Most For example, Casio PX760 have over 60 demo songs that can play divided hands: assisted left and right hand lessons to practice each hand before playing both hands simultaneously. Yamaha digital pianos also have follow along lesson functions that you can play along to a background music. This will allow you to practice duet without a partner. Practice orchestra without other instruments. With metronome, you can practice your rhythm as well. Many students who have used the lesson function reported that their skills improved dramatically with lesson function.
  6. Smartphone and Tablet (iPad,iPhone, etc.) Lesson Apps: You can use smartphone and tablet devices such as iPads and iPhones for lesson assistance as well. There are tones of digital piano, music notes and other related apps you can download and use to help your musical pursuits.  Mohese apps on these devices does have ability to be able to connect to your digital piano and have ability to enhance your piano lesson through play-along lessons, music theory, fun musical games.

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With these 6 Reasons, we strongly recommend using a digital piano for your practice.

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