1. Acoustic vs Digital Piano

During piano purchases, this is what customers consider and are in concern of. Many customers read certain blogs, consult piano teachers, consult pianists, and even ask friends and family to make their purchasing decisions.

Owner of Las Vegas Music is actually an industry veteran who has more than 20 years of experience in acoustic piano sales. He is knowledgeable in different types of piano. With huge experience in piano technologies and piano performance, he has the kin ability to observe customer needs and is able to recommend best suitable piano for each customers.

Although we can explain endlessly about even miniscule details of the piano, we will stay brief and to the point regarding the basics for now and we will write more about the details in the future.

Acoustic and Digital piano are definitely different in sound and touch. How can the natural sound and sound from speaker be the same? However, the companies that develops digital pianos in effort to sample the best sounds from grand pianos to pursue better sound and achieve improvements.

Honestly, even different acoustic pianos of same brand and model have different tonality and color just like how each human being have unique voices. Thus, selecting the right acoustic piano is very difficult.

Also, attractiveness of sound and tonality is very subjective and can be expressed in many ways. Clear sound, thick sound, deep sound, light sound, soft sound, strong sound, and etc…. Different people prefer different sound.

This is the reason why even people with different people have different opinion on the same exact pianos.

What is YOUR favorite sound of the piano?…. If you select the piano that your teacher recommends, you are selecting your piano teacher’s favorite sound. (With you and your kids opinion omitted)

Fortunately, most digital pianos have the technology to play variety of piano tonality.

——————————————————————-Concert, Grand, Upright, Mellow, Bright, etc.

You are able to select your favorite voice to match your preference with digital pianos.


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The precision of the sound will be more accurate with digital pianos also. Of course, acoustic pianos that aren’t tuned will be much less precise than digital pianos that stay permanently consistent in sound.

On offline stores, you often hear shoppers say, “We already have an acoustic piano at home, and just to play once or twice a year we need to tune each time…” Even if the piano is unused most acoustic pianos require tuning in every 6 month. It also requires regular action adjustment, hammer voicing, and much other maintenance that come at hefty price. Hence, many musicians say, “Acoustic piano is the most difficult instrument to maintain….”

Due to these reasons, many people prefer digital piano.

Also, many pianists prefer digital piano due to nightly sessions, and environmental factors. Many schools prefer digital pianos as well.

Besides the sound, actions of digital piano are improving. If you just compare the action of upright and grand pianos, they are two different worlds.

Acoustic upright piano moves 2-3 different spring action  to cause the hammer to hit the spring, in which if the  spring comes loose, then the action becomes very  difficult. Because of this, upright pianos are not able to  make any sound even when pressed many times. Grand  pianos work in differently. The action system of grand  pianos works just like a seesaw. Action parts are heavier  than keys, so when pressed it will cause it to hammer.  Most classic pianists perform with the grand piano. When  performed on upright pianos there are limits on  expressing fast touch, different strength and every  nuance.

This is why, many students who practice on upright  piano, perform poorly on stage with a grand piano.


Digital pianos are built to emulate the action system of the grand piano.

Most digital pianos do use spring but the system itself is very similar. There are some digital pianos that  have    systems that are mostly same.

Is digital piano better than acoustic? Not all the time. If you can face and endure regular maintenance    procedures and costs, then you might just enjoy the uniqueness of the acoustic piano that you won’t find  from a  digital piano.

However, compared with an old acoustic piano or new mediocre acoustic pianos, digital piano might just be  a  better decision.

Shopping and purchasing decision is the right of the consumer. There is no correct answer to this question.    Your opinion is most important when deciding between acoustic vs. digital piano.

Las Vegas Music would like to explain what we observed as we provided digital pianos online in the past in numerical order. Please read it before you make any digital piano purchase and hope this will guide you through the purchase.

And more…. It will guide you in your purchase, will provide all our best knowledge and opinion of the employees of Las Vegas Music, offer the best suitable product based on the intentions of the customer and will not make any biased opinion by pushing or recommending a certain product.

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For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-888-355-0628