2. You MUST know this before purchasing a digital piano

Many consumers probably won’t pick out  particular brand of a digital piano and  model before buying. Most  pre-qualify  choices to 2-3 brands and even look at  different models under the umbrella before  making any buying decisions.

The weakness point of many online  shoppers is that they purchase without the  chance to physically see it.

Most times,  there might not be any nearest  dealers or  the nearest dealer might not  have a  particular model.  Local shoppers  face the  same problem in these cases…  Guitar  Center, Sam Ash aren’t specialized  in  digital  pianos so they have limits on  displaying as well. Also, if those dealers  don’t have other brand authorized  dealership then it will be even harder. Yamaha dealers will display mostly Yamaha products. Kawai dealers  will display Kawai products. It will be very hard to compare every different product. At the end, many  shoppers end up taking advice online and comparing products on Youtube as a source of decision maker.  Not saying this is a bad decision. However, there is a chance of disappointment after purchase.

Certainly, purchasing after experiencing can be better, but honestly, online purchase can earn you better  price compared to offline purchase and can simply be a comfortable purchase. Many prefer to shop online  due to these benefits.

Then, why are there expensive digital pianos and inexpensive digital pianos?

The standard is different depending on the company but prices are different mainly because of the keyboard action and the speaker power.

Some might say price of digital piano differs depending on the number of function of the piano. This statement maybe true for professional digital pianos such as arrange keyboard, synthesizers, pro-stage pianos but it is not the case in normal home digital pianos.

When cost of making an action increases or the quality of speaker power increases, the more expensive the piano will be.

Most digital piano companies have different keyboard action systems. Here is order of action quality per brand.

Yamaha — GHS < GH < GH3 < GH3X < NWX < Specialized
Roland —- Ivory G < PHA4 Standard < PHA4 Concert
Kurzweil – LK < FATAR < FATAR WOOD

It uses actions in shown in order above… Not all, but most digital pianos will increase in price as its action used increases in quality.

One thing we must all keep in mind regarding piano keyboards… We often hear, “Heavier keys are always better keys…” or, “digital pianos always have lighter keys” These two statements are WRONG ideas to have.

Athletes practice with their lighter body with a heavy weights and weighted belts. Same analogy is that when you practice with heavy keys, you might perform better with a lighter touch at a recital or concert so pianists and professionals practice this way as many teachers claim so.

It is not recommended for anyone under the age of 10 to practice with heavy keys. It can be too much stress to the finger joints for minors… and young pianists might become drained of playing too soon if it is too vigorous physically. Usually bad keys are heavy and slow reaction which hinders from controlling the strength of the sounds.

Good keys are keys that allow you to easily express different strength of the tone… In other words it should allow you control strength of the volume freely.

Some brands of digital piano usually use same sound chip. If headphones are used instead of attached speakers, then it will result in almost same sound. Different models under same brands have different sounds when it is played with attached speakers because speaker power and speaker quality differs depending on the model.


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Here are some important specifications to observe when purchasing a digital piano :

  1. 88 weighted grade hammer action

This means the digital piano has 88 keys with heavier on lower pitched keys and gets lighter as pitches increase on keys which is similar action system as an acoustic piano. I highly recommend digital pianos like this. There are differences in quality depending on the brand, but most digital pianos have this system. Actual action moves in a way where control of velocity would be possible.

  1. Number of speaker and speak power

Multiple speakers will allow  surround-sound which will make sound  grandeur. As    for speaker power, even  if the sound chip is excellent, the  speaker must also have  excellent sound  power or it would be unusable.  (however, this would not be case if  headphones  are to be used.)

  1. Polyphony



This is the digital piano’s ability to play layered notes at the same moment. If the digital piano has 128 polyphony, then it can play 128 different notes at the same moment. Most will have 64-128-192-256. Higher the polyphony, more the complete it will sound. Most pianos will have 128 polyphony. We also believe 128 number of polyphony is good enough.

  1. Escapement

This is the click-feel that most grand pianos have on their keys. When keys are pressed slowly on grand piano, it will click and press. This type of touch isn’t available on upright pianos… This system allows the hammers to move faster when keys are clicked rapidly at multiple times. This is a system usually found on high quality digital pianos.

  1. Accompany

This is a type of a rhythm, in which background music will accompany songs played by the performer. Depending on the model and brand, these functions will have different quality… When enjoyable rhythm such as pop, latin, waltz are played, it can magnify the experience. However, these functions are only available through high quality digital pianos. The importance of these fuction will depend on the performer.

Other functions include quantity of voices, USB, and etc. Quantity of functions isn’t  always correlated with the price. However, we recommend the USB function. If USB  function is available, connection to smartphones, pads, and computers are possible  and can enhance the enjoyment. This can allow additional functions such as  composing and will make your digital piano use much better.

Lastly, there are shoppers that put huge emphasis on design and finish of the digital  piano.

The finish of the digital piano is much different compared to the acoustic piano. Polish  or white colored acoustics pianos are less expensive in the case of acoustics. However,  polishes are much more expensive when it comes to digital pianos. If there is more  design or if the finishes are big, it will be more expensive just like the acoustics…. larger pianos will usually have bigger speakers that make grandeur and realer sound. If there is one similarity between acoustic and digital pianos is that bigger piano will mean an increased price.

Las Vegas Music would like to explain what we observed as we provided digital pianos online in the past in numerical order. Please read it before you make any digital piano purchase and hope this will guide you through the purchase.

And more…. It will guide you in your purchase, will provide all our best knowledge and opinion of the employees of Las Vegas Music, offer the best suitable product based on the intentions of the customer and will not make any biased opinion by pushing or recommending a certain product.

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