3. Purchase standards of in-store digital piano customers.

Online shoppers take into account of blogs, purchase reviews, recommendation from environments. Shoppers on Las Vegas Music website also decide to purchase a certain model after researching different blogs and reviews while searching for the lowest price.

All shoppers do not want to buy a bad product. Also, all shoppers do not want to buy a good product at a higher price. Most shoppers want to buy good product at a lower price, so they shop around, negotiate price, and purchase after dedicating some time.

How would it work at an offline store? Not all shoppers are the same but most will go in this order…

  1. Shoppers look at the brand
  2. Shoppers look at the price
  3. Shoppers listen to the sound
  4. Shoppers feel the touch
  5. Shopper look at different accessories and functions…

These are the order that most shoppers go through, some shoppers will even pick out different products and compare them to each other.

The suitability of customers is all different in many cases. Who will use it? Where will it be used? Who is buying it?…. Would be the most basic questions to ask before narrowing down to a product.


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Some shoppers say “Do not trust the salesman; he will lead you to pianos with best margin.” This would be a wrong statement to believe and most salesmen wouldn’t sell that foolishly nowadays.

Nowadays, the online is widely used and most shoppers will research information before stepping into a store so most will not be easily enticed into making impulsive purchases.

Salesmen must know that there are many shoppers that are more expert than the  experts.

Many dealers like Las Vegas Music, will help to guide shoppers to the digital piano that fits customer’s  objectives. This is the wise way of sales, if salesman were to sell only to satisfy his or her margin  and incentives, it will cause huge side effects.

Shoppers must ask themselves questions such as, who will use it? Where will it be used? What are  functions that I need? What is the price range of pianos I am looking for? Before narrowing down  to a product. There can be different reasons such as, for the kids, for the purpose of recital and concert, or as a hobby… locations can include, homes, church, dormitories, school, outdoor activities, etc. As for the price, buyers might increase their price range after being exposed to items of higher quality. It is hard to lower one’s standard after being exposed. However, let’s not lose initial standard.

Knowledge and perception of the salesman is very important. Without knowledge it will be hard to explain the product and inability to perceive what the customer truly wants will cause dissatisfaction in shoppers and there will be bad side effects.

After hearing from most offline shoppers in store… each have different opinion what great sound is.  They might select the product depending on the sound. However, the touch and action is different between brands so customers try and feel the touch as well. Some might make the decision after experiencing different touches… most shoppers choose brand that they know the most. Even if it is a good brand, even if it is a great product, shoppers will be in doubt of hasty purchase when it comes to an unknown brand. Also, all price standards are set from online.

After the product is in congruent to what they looked for and the product is decided, price will be negotiated. Thus, we believe online shopping might be the way that is more preferred. In store, it is hard to compare prices from different stores. However, it is possible to compare different retail price without even being face to face. Plus, shopper won’t even have to carry a heavy piano all the way home when shopped online.

With prices put aside (same price levels are used by shoppers when deciding), brand is selected depending on sound performance and usual standard of purchase in-store is based on Touch > Brand > Style > Warranty > accessory service. The brand that most satisfies this is the brand that sells the most.

Las Vegas Music would like to explain what we observed as we provided digital pianos online in the past in numerical order. Please read it before you make any digital piano purchase and hope this will guide you through the purchase.

And more…. It will guide you in your purchase, will provide all our best knowledge and opinion of the employees of Las Vegas Music, offer the best suitable product based on the intentions of the customer and will not make any biased opinion by pushing or recommending a certain product.

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For BEST PRICE GUARANTEE contact us at our LIVE CHAT or call us at 1-888-355-0628