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If you have two different digital pianos that you would like to compare… Please tell us 1. Which model and brand? 2. What is your most important emphasis (Sound, touch, accessory, durability, etc.)? 3. Who and for what purposed is the digital piano be used?… and we will POST THE COMPARISONS ON OUR BLOG IN GREAT DETAILS.

If you have two different digital pianos that you would like to compare. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment on our blog or email us at

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Ps: 1. Digital pianos in comparison must not be more than two different digital pianos because comparing more than two products can cause complications.
2. Comparison must be within major brands within Kawai, Roland, Kurzweil, etc. We cannot compare brands we do not have authorized dealership of.
3. Digital Piano comparisons can be subject to personal email delivery instead of being posted on our main blog. Please provide us with a valid email.
4. Comparison blogs are based on facts and will not provide any false information.