Secure Checkout

Las Vegas Music aims to provide you with a safe and convenient online shopping experience. Here are a few reasons why shopping at Las Vegas Music is trusted and secure:

SecuritySecurity1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology
When placing an order online, your information is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, an approved industry standard that is used by vendors to ensure the security of online business.

2. Sensitive Data Encryption
Las Vegas Music encrypts your credit card number causing all transactions to travel securely over the Internet. Encryption adds a level of security so hackers cannot steal your information. It negotiates and employs the essential functions of mutual authentication, data encryption, and data Integrity for secure transactions.

3. Google and Bizrate Seal of Trust
Our Google and Bizrate seal of trust display our commitment to safe transactions and customer service. Reviews from our previous customers reflect our history of past secure and satisfactory sales.

4. Online Chat for Guided Assistance
Utilize our online chat, which is available 24/7, if you have any questions regarding secure transactions. Our chat representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

5. Authorized Dealer
To be qualified as an authorized dealer, the vendor must pass standardized security measures to minimize the risk of theft and hackers. Las Vegas Music is an authorized dealer for musical instruments and trusted by brands such as Kawal, Roland, and Nord to conduct business online and in person. Merchant
Las Vegas Music is an Authorize .net Merchant, which is a leading software that securely handles online credit card transactions and electronic check payments.