Digital Piano Review – Casio Privia Digital Piano PX850 vs Casio Celviano Digital Piano AP450

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Casio Celviano Digital Piano AP-450

Today, I’d like to introduce Casio’s new release – Celviano Digital Piano AP450. Especially if you were considering PX850, this AP450 is worth checking. You probably cannot find information (including pricing) about AP450 not only because it is not allowed to advertise its pricing information, but also because it is recently released in Jan 2013.

Casio’s Digital Piano AP450 can be a great alternative to Casio’s PX850, since Casio’s AP450 has actually exact same functions/sound systems/keys/touches/actions/speakers as Casio’s PX850. Please see the comparison chart below. Casio Celviano Digital Piano AP450 is a truly nice upgrade version of Casio Privia Digital Piano PX850.

Casio PX850 is already highly acclaimed by many digital piano specialists including another Casio dealer/renowned blogger Tim Praskins; you can read his great review on Casio’s PX850 here.  Casio’s new Privia digital piano PX850 has been one of the most sought digital pianos since its release in 2012. The touch feels great as it has graded hammered action, it has ivory key tops and it has 256 polyphony while Yamaha’s Arius digital pianos, which are the closest competitors, have only 128 polyphony. The problem of Casio PX850 right now is  the supply from Casio Japan couldn’t meet the giant number of demand for this piano, and thus it is now back-ordered at Casio. It is expected to ship again in early March 2013.

                  450-   casio_privia_px850

Model Casio Celviano AP-450 Casio Privia PX-850
Keyboard 88 keys, weighted scaled hammer action 88 keys, weighted scaled hammer action
Sound Source AiR (Acoustic & intelligent Resonator) AiR (Acoustic & intelligent Resonator)
Bench Adjustable Furniture Style Bench Included Not Included; you have to buy seperately.
Polyphony 256 256
Dimensions 54.2 X 16.8 X33.1 53.4 X 11.7 X 32.9
Weight 89.3 lbs 81 lbs
Appearance A Cabinet Style Digital Piano A Simple Stand
Color Black, Brown Black
Pedal Color Gold (Regular Piano Pedal Size) Silver (Smaller than Acoustic Piano Pedals)

I also double-checked with one of Casio Representatives that this digital piano has the exactly same as PX850 but with nicer cabinet and a bench. Here’s another account of Casio Rep that it is actually very similar piano to PX850. You can read the full thread here.


You can also check out the full specification of both pianos from Casio’s official site. Click to see the detailed AP450’s specification and PX850 specification.


My favorite feature of AP450 is the lid on the top. It is much like that the lid on an acoustic grand piano. This lid simulation allows the sound of digital piano to come out and help it resonate better.The lid simulation is also available on Casio’s Privia PX850.

Casio’s Celviano AP450 will be a great alternative to PX-850 and it will also be able to replace an upright acoustic piano for your needs.

For factory warranty,  Celviano AP450 and AP650 includes 5 years factory warranty.

If you’d like to find your local Celviano digital piano dealers, use the dealer locator page on Casio.