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Kawai mp11se main

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Kawai MP11SE(Second Edition) is the digital piano for professionals and who want realistic and authentic piano tones in a digital piano. MP11se has variety of concert, jazz, electric, pop grand pianos, upright pianos, and many other original sounds that are needed on stage performance. The keyboard action design is the combination of modern technology and genuine wood craftmanship. With powerful and convenient multiple direct MIDI controllers, and large setup memories, players can perform well without having their hands busy on other devices. The motto of Kawai MP11se is the stage piano for music professionals who do not acept compromise.

Here is the sound demo for representative voices of Kawai MP11se.




Kawai MP11se Shigeru grand piano tones

Kawai MP11se has samplings of all Kawai’s prestigious grand pianos for professional sound experience.

Shigeru Kawai EX

-Shigeru Kawai EX concert grand piano.

Shigeru Kawai SK5

-Shigeru Kawai SK5 (mid-sized grand)

-Kawai EX concert grand (previous version of Shigeru Kawai EX)

-Kawai K-60

Kawai MP11SE Grand Feel(GF) action

Unlike other digital pianos, Kawai MP11se is for professional pianists that accept no compromise for digital pianos. When it comes to the pivot length of the digital piano actions, they are mostly shorter than acoustic pianos which can give sense of difference to sensitive professionals (for expression). MP11se has the same length of pivot length like acoustic grand piano’s.

Kawai MP11se grand feel

Let off (escapement)

*Escapementthe mechanism that allows the hammer to clear the stringafter striking, so that the stringcan vibrate (TheFreeDictionary). Player can feel tactile feeling of notch when presses a key.

Hammers of grand piano positioned horizontally therefore get affected by gravity directly, which enables faster key recovery. Hammers of upright piano are positioned vertically with springs (jack).

Roland FP 90 Escapement

(Picture from Piano-tuners)

Kawai MP11se control arrangement

Kawai MP11se arrangement

Just like the previous model’s, the control arrangement of Kawai MP11se is very intuitive and convenient.

4-band equalizer (Low Gain, Mid1 Gain, Mid1 Q, Mid1 Freq., Mid2 Gain, Mid2 Q, Mid2 Freq., High Gain)

And for E-pianos: Drive, Level, Amp EQ Lo, Amp EQ Mid, Amp EQ Hi, Mid Frequency, Mic Type, Mic Position, Ambience

Kawai MP11se vs MP11 comparison

Pedals Optical sensor GFP-3 Contact sensor F-30
MIDI zones 55 62
Sound sections 107 98
Weight 34.0 kg  /  75 lbs. 32.5 kg / 71 ½ lbs.
Dimension 54 1/3” W x 18” D x 7 1/2” H 54 ½” W x 18” D x 7 ½” H




Kawai Virtual Technician

Kawai’s IOS app “Virtual Technician” allows players to connect their apple device to their piano and control parameters and settings more conveniently.

Setups that can be controlled with Virtual Technician app on Kawai MP11se

Touch Curve:
6 types (Light+, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, Off ), User1~5
Piano -Voicing, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key-off Effect,
Damper Noise, Hammer Delay, Fall-back Noise, Topboard, Stereo Width, Brilliance
E-piano/sub – Key-off Noise, Key-off Delay
Temperament & Tuning – 
7 types (Equal, Pure Major/Minor, Pythagorean, Meantone, Werkmeister, Kirnberger), User1~2
Fine Tune, Stretch Tuning, Key of Temperament

Other features

Polyphony| Kawai MP11se supports max 256 notes.

Recording|  The internal memory of Kawai MP11se supports 90,000 notes.

Sound(Voices)| Kawai MP11se has total of 40 voices (12 pianos, 12 e-pianos, 16 subsidiaries such as strings, pads, and basses)

Kawai MP11se sound list

Modes| Not just spliting the 88 key into 2 pianos, but it can also adjustable the point of split, and also it can be divided into multiple zones.

Pedals| Kawai MP11se comes with 3 pedals (GFP-3), and it’s upgrade from the previous model.

Rhythm| 100 drum patterns for accompaniment

Memories| Kawai MP11se has 40 sound memories, 208 setup memories (8x 26 banks) for convenient invokement and fast interchange

Kawai MP11se rhythm patterns

E-piano AMP simulator| 5 types (S. Case, M. Stack, J. Combo, F. Bass, L. Cabi)

kawai mp11se back panel

(Kawai MP11SE back panel)

MIDI| Kawai MP11se supports 4 independently adjustable zones that can control external midi devices. Each can be turned on/off, adjusted its volume, toggled, parameter and key range adjustment. And the screen facilitates the intuitive control.

Touch(Action)| MP11SE has GF action with 88 wooden keys with Ivory touch and let off (escapement)

Price| Kawai MP11se  is $2799.00

Color| Kawai MP11se is only available in polished ebony

Warranty| Kawai offers 3 years of factory warranty for MP11se.

Manual: http://www.kawai-global.com/data/manuals/MP11SE_EN_R100.pdf

SPECIFICATIONS (official website)

Keyboard ・ Grand Feel action
– 88 wooden keys
– Grade-weighted hammers
– Ivory Touch white key surfaces
– Let-off simulation
– Triple sensor key detection
– Counterweights
Pedal ・ GFP-3 triple pedal unit
– Damper (with half-pedal support)
– Soft
– Sostenuto* all pedals support progressive pedalling
Piano Sound ・ Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL)
– 88-key stereo sampling
– SK-EX, SK-5, EX recording
– 256 note maximum polyphony
Piano Resonance – Damper Resonance
– String Resonance
– Undamped String Resonance
Piano Adjustment ・Virtual Technician (22 parameters)
– Touch Curve (incl. User Touch Curve)
– Voicing
– Damper Resonance
– Damper Noise
– String Resonance
– Undamped String Resonance
– Key-off Effect
– Fall-back Noise
– Hammer Delay
– Topboard Simulation
– Decay Time
– Minimum Touch
– Stretch Tuning (incl. 88-key User Tuning)
– Temperament (incl. User Temperament)
– Temperament Key
– Key Volume (incl. 88-key User Key Volume)
– Half-Pedal Adjust
– Soft Pedal Depth- Brilliance
– Stereo Width
– Key-off Noise (E.Piano)
– Key-off Delay (E.Piano)
No. of Sounds 40 voices
Reverb 6 types
Other Effects 129 types
Output Power
Headphone Enhancements
Display 128 x 64 pixel LCD with backlight
Key Cover
Music Rest Detachable type (included)
Dimensions Width 138 cm
Depth 45.5 cm
Height 19 cm (not including music rest)
Weight 34.0 kg
Available Finishes Gloss Black
Basic Functions Dual
Internal Songs Sound Demo
Piano Music
Concert Magic
Lesson Songs
Internal Recorder Total Memory approximately 90,000 notes
No. of Songs 10 songs
Parts 1 part
Metronome Time Signatures 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8
Drum Rhythms 100 patterns
Bluetooth *
USB Audio Recorder Record/Playback MP3
Other Functions Overdubbing
Line In recording
App Functions
Connector Jacks Headphone 1 x 1/4″ Stereo jack
Line Out 1/4″ L/MONO, R [unbalanced]
Line In 1/4″ L/MONO, R [unbalanced]
USB to Host
USB to Device
Others XLR FIXED (L, R) [balanced] + ground lift switch
EXP + EXP type switch
Power Consumption 20 W
Power Power cable
Sheet Music
Others Warranty Card *
Owner’s Manual
Music Rest
GFP-3 triple pedal unit (with half-pedal support)

* Depending on market location.Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Kawai MP11se listing

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