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Roland TD 4KPRoland TD4KP

*Kick pedal not included in original package

Roland TD4KP is specially designed for both portability and playability. Its’ compact foldable design enables players to carry TD4KP around easily with matching carrying case (CB-TDP). Even though Roland TD4KP looks so simple, that does not mean the drum is flimsy. All cymbals and toms have multiple sensors, It has kick pedal mount for stability on any surface (gig can take place anywhere), hi hat and cymbals are chokeable, and has both input and output support.

Roland’s TD4KP’s snare and kick pad are replaceable for more features like rim sound and double kick pedals.




Check out the YouTube playlist made by Roland. It has introduction, overview, instruction, and function explanation videos.
Roland TD 4KP foldFolded Roland TD4KPRoland TD 4KP module

Roland TD4KP Module


Voice| Roland TD4KP contains 25 kits and 125 sounds. It can output the sound by 1/8, 1/4 inch headphone connector or MIDI. Players can also customize the drum sound like tuning and muffling.


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Special Function|

Coach Mode – provides you beat timing exercise, and gives your score.

  1. Time Check – Player must play the beat in time in order to get good score. After playing set number of measures, the module shows score.

2. Tempo Check – When playing a beat accurately, the metronome gradually                                 disappears, and when playing inaccurately, the metronome appears gradually.

3.Quiet Count – Metronome is quiet only in 4th measure. After every measure, TD11K                shows you the accuracy. You can try variety of fill-ins in this mode.

4. Auto Up/Down – TD4KP automatically raises its beat from 120 too 200 with the speed            of 1 bpm per second, and vise versa.

Built in Metronome – Roland TD4KP has built in metronome to help you practice, you can choose different beat sound as well.

Quick Recording – Quick recording function allows you to quickly record a beat that is in your head with a push of a button.

Portability| Roland TD4KP has matching carrying bag that players can carry their TD4KP with.

Warranty| Roland provides Factory Warranty to customers who purchase the drum from authorized dealer.


Roland premiere authorized dealer

Specification (Roland Official Website)


Percussion Sound Module: TD-4 x 1

Kick pad x 1
* Kick pedal and drum throne are not included.

Pad for Snare/Tom x 4

Cymbal pad for hi-hat/crash/ride: CY-5 x 3

Hi-hat control pedal:  FD-8 x 1

Connection cable: special for TD-4KP



Setup Guide x 2
Owner’s Manual
AC adaptor
Special connection cable
Wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2

Options (sold separately):

Pads: PDX series
Pad mount: MDH series
Personal drum monitor: PM-03, PM-10
V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
V-Drums mat: TDM series
V-Drums Tutor: DT-1


-Including Kick Pedal, cymbals, and drum throne:

Width: 1000 mm, 39-6/16 inches

Depth: 1200 mm, 47-1/4 inches

Height: 1250 mm, 49-1/4 inches

-Folded Dimensions

Width: 300 mm, 11-13/16 inches

Depth:500 mm, 19-11/16 inches

Height: 700 mm, 27-9/16 inches

Weight: 12.5 kg, 27 lbs. 9 oz.

Roland TD4KP list

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