Yamaha DGX 660 Review & Comparison & Best Price

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Yamaha DGX-660 Black
Yamaha DGX 660 Black
dgx 660 white main
Yamaha DGX 660 White


Yamaha DGX 660, is a compact grand digital piano that can express high quality and detailed sounds. It’s excellent for solo practice because it has numerous features such as accompaniment, chord helper, and mic support. Since it has a lot of value compared to its price (for just under $800), it’s a good piano that buyers can keep for years. Yamaha DGX 660 sampled the Yamaha’s best grand piano CFIIIS 9’ which has clear and grandeur sound. With installed speaker, sub-woofer, and twitter, Yamaha DGX 660 can effectively play bass stronger and play treble sharper. Yamaha DGX 660 has 192 polyphony that allows players to play any genre of songs with dynamic sound and ability to control strength of responsiveness. Yamaha DGX 660 has 554 voices of piano, brass, woodwind, and others. Yamaha DGX 660 is a great aid to musical studies as it was sampled from Yamaha instruments. Yamaha DGX 660 has more than 165 rhythms and it can give amusement to your performance. Yamaha DGX 660 also brought amazing features such as wireless adapter, dedicated microphone, piano room, style-recommender, chord helper, and music sheet viewer.

We strongly recommend Yamaha DGX 660 to players who want a digital piano that is compact, has many functions; and for the students of variety of music genre. It is adequate to be used in home, church, auditorium, stage, dormitory and basically any places. Cabinet stand is included with the price of $799.99 which is a great price. 3 pedals (LP7) and bench can be purchased additionally with the shopper’s choice.




Apps| Apps can be used on your IOS device which can connect to the Yamaha DGX 660 by a cable or wireless adapter. You can enhance your enjoyment through variety of Yamaha apps (Yamaha Official Website).

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chord tracker





Sound| Yamaha DGX 660 has more than 554 voices in brass, woodwind, and others.

Touch| Yamaha DGX 660 has 88-key weighted hammer action. It has same feeling of action like an acoustic piano. Keys are lighter in high notes, and get heavier as it progressively move downward. Yamaha DGX 660 has GHS (Grade hammer standard), so it is able to control touch and responsiveness. Light touch, easy control, good responsiveness and velocity make Yamaha DGX 660 as the perfect piano for the use of both performance and practice.


Layer (Dual layer)| With this technique, you can play two different sounds simultaneously on one key. You will be able to play ‘piano and string’ sound or ‘piano and organ’ sound simultaneously on one key. You will be able to make the performance more beautiful and will give you more enjoyment.

Yamaha DGX 660 layer

Split | You can play two different instrument sounds on each hand within a keyboard. For example, left hand can play vibratone, right hand can play piano; it gives effect of one person playing two different instrument sound.Yamaha DGX 660 split

Transpose Function| You can easily harmonize Yamaha DGX 660 with different instruments using transpose function.

LED Screen| Yamaha DGX 660 has LED Screen that allows convenient use of different functions and even states description of function details.

Other| Yamaha DGX 660 includes recording, metronome, USB function, Mic recorder, optional wireless adapter(can connect to smart devices to use app), and it has an OUT/IN plug that can connect to another speaker. Yamaha DGX 660 also has USB function that connects to computer and enjoy composition and computer music. Now can use switch foot pedal in addition to 3 pedals for ‘start and stop’, ‘microphone recording’, and ‘tap tempo’.

Option| Yamaha DGX 660 comes with keyboard, cabinet stand, switch damper pedal and adapter. 3 pedal(LP7) and bench can be purchases additionally.

Color| Available in black or white

Warranty| Yamaha DGX 660 provides 3 year part and labor warranty.

Yamaha DGX 660 features

Yamaha DGX 660 Dedicated Microphone Input

Yamaha DGX 660 can adjust the volume of microphone with a dedicated knob, and it also has mic setting that you can change the environment and customize by yourself.

Yamaha DGX 660 Piano Room

Yamaha DGX 660 Piano Room

–  You can play sound of variety of instruments with Yamaha DGX 660 in different environments preset(like equalizer). Players can change piano environments to concert hall, recital hall, stage, or room, close or open the lid of the 9′ grand piano, change instruments, and also change touch sensitivity, tuning, damper resonance. Yamaha DGX 660 will provide you such meticulous option to choose.

Yamaha DGX 660 Style Recommender

– Yamaha DGX 600 can helps you to find the style that you’re looking for. After you press the ‘style recommender button’, just play a rhythmic style that you’re thinking of for few seconds, and Yamaha DGX 660 will pick up that rhythm and will play the back-up band that fits. And also, when you change chord, the backup-band will follow the new chord right away.

Yamaha DGX 660 Interface:

Yamaha DGX 660 left side

Yamaha DGX 660 right side

Yamaha DGX 660 Auto Accompaniment buttons are:

-Press ‘Intro/Ending’ to start the performance, after the introduction, it will shift to the main section.

-A little section is added when ‘Auto Fill’ is pressed, you can use this function when changing style. (style changes when you change chord style)

-Press ‘ACMP On/Off’ for little improvisation!

-If you want to end your play, press ‘Intro/Ending’ button to close down the band.

With Yamaha DGX 660, you can literally play with a perfect backup band if you properly utilizes these buttons.

During the performance, you can change tempo, voice, split, and etc.


Yamaha DGX 660 has a feature called ‘Smart chording’ for beginners or players who want to play complex chords with just a press of a finger

Yamaha DGX 660 You Are The Artist

 You can download digital file of hit songs to piano, see the music score through the screen of Yamaha DGX 660. You can also use lyrics feature and lesson feature.

Comparison of Yamaha DGX 660 and DGX 650

  DGX 650 DGX 660
Polyphony 128 192
Wireless adaptor compatible No Yes
Dedicated Microphone Jack No Yes
Piano Room feature No Yes
# of voice 543 554
# of reverb 35 41
# of preset style 195 205
# of music database 305 320

Specs(Yamaha DGX 660 Specification)


Dimensions Width 1,397mm (55”) /with keyboard stand 1,399mm (55-1/16”)
Height 146mm (5-3/4”) /with keyboard stand  761mm (29-15/16”)
Depth 445mm (17-1/2”) /with keyboard stand  445mm (17-1/2”)
Weight Weight 21kg (46 lbs. 5 oz.)/with keyboard stand:28kg (61 lbs. 12 oz.)

Control Interface

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Type Graded Hammer Standard(GHS) keyboard
Touch Response Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed
Other Controllers Pitch Bend Yes
Display Type Full Dot LCD
Size 320×240 dots
Color Monochrome
Contrast Yes
Score Display Function Yes
Lyrics Display Function Yes
Language English
Panel Language English


Tone Generation Piano Sound Pure CF Sound Engine
Damper Resonance Yes
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 192
Preset Number of Voices 151 + 15 Drum/SFX Kits + 388 XGlite
Featured Voices 1 Natural! Voice, 10 Live! Voices, 11 Sweet! Voices, 7 Cool! Voices
Compatibility GM Yes
XGlite Yes


Types Reverb 41 types
Chorus 44 types
DSP 237 types
Master EQ 5 types
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes
Functions Dual Yes
Split Yes
Panel Sustain Yes (Function Menu)

Accompaniment Styles

Preset Number of Preset Styles 205
Fingering Multi Finger, Full Keybord, AI Fingered
Style Control INTRO, MAIN x 2, FILL-IN x 2, ENDING
Other Features Music Database 320
One Touch Setting (OTS) Yes
Style Recommender Yes
Smart Chord Yes
Compatibility Style File Format (SFF),Style File Format GE (SFF GE)


Preset Number of Preset Songs 100
Recording Number of Songs 5
Number of Tracks 6
Data Capacity Approx. 30,000 notes for 1 user song
Compatible Data Format Playback SMF (Format 0, Format 1), XF
Recording SMF (Format 0)


Registration Number of Buttons 4 ( x 8 banks )
Lesson/Guide Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) Waiting, Your tempo, Minus one, Repeat & Learn, Chord Dictionary
Demo/Help Demonstration Yes
Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 280
Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning 415.3 – 440.0 – 466.2 Hz
Miscellaneous Piano Room Yes
Audio Recorder/Player Recording Time (max.) 80 minutes/Song
Recording WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo)
Playback WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo)

Storage and Connectivity

Storage Internal Memory Approx. 1.7 MB
External Drives USB Flash Memory
Connectivity DC IN 12V
Headphones x 1 (Standard stereo phone jack)
Sustain Pedal Yes
Pedal Unit Yes
Microphone Yes (Standard phone jack)
AUX IN Yes (Stereo mini jack)

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifiers 6W x 2
Speakers 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2

Power Supply

Power Supply Adapter (PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha)
Power Consumption 13 W
Auto Power Off Yes


Accessories • Owner’s Manual • Data List • Keyboard Stand • Footswitch • Music Rest • AC Power Adapter (PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha) *1 • Warranty *1 • Online Member Product Registration *2 *1: May not be included depending on your area. Check with your Yamaha dealer. *2: The PRODUCT ID on the sheet will be needed when you fill out the User Registration form.

Yamaha DGX 660 official website: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/digitalkeyboards/dgx_series/dgx-660/