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Yamaha Montage 88 picture

Yamaha Montage, the latest synthesizer made by Yamaha will offer a new paradigm of modulating a song in real time, something that players could not achieve with other synthesizers in real time. The combination of 2 sound engines, FM-X (new modern version of synthesis engine) and AWM2 (waveform based subractive synthesis engine) enables players to create variety sounds simultaneously. One component that differentiates Montage with its previous model Motif-XF is motion control feature. Instead of controlling each sound encoders and sliders, with a move of a controller called ‘Super Knob’, players can change maximum of 16 parameters easily (also possible with a foot pedal). The goal of Yamaha Montage is to enable players to achieve new sound and modulation with a simplest conrol move. There are 3 different types of montage, 61 keys, 76 keys, 88 keys.

“Music in Motion… Montage sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow…. While Montage certainly takes some operational design cues from the Motif series, Montage is an exponential improvement over Motif in terms of sound, control and workflow.” – Yamaha

Yamaha Montage‘s motion control with super knob and pedal that control various parameters simultaneously. Like converting sound while synchronizing with beat + multi dimensional sound modulation. Can change (add or remove) section, drop in & out the sound.

-Integrated motion sequencer

Yamaha Montage has programmed controller movements at the matching key press timing, also changes tones rhythmically.

Montage has parameter rotary encoders with position memory

-With Yamaha Montage, players can send out 16 stereo channels to IOS device or computer using DAW and return 3 back for monitoring purpose.

Yamaha Montage back

Yamaha Montage used high quality aluminum (arched design) for light weight and abrasion proof.

Yamaha Montage has analog power supply for the DA converter’s IC. It is the secret of its sound quality.

Yamaha Montage LED.jpg

Yamaha Montage has fancy LED screen and buttons that are cleary visible at anywhere (in dark, under stage light or sun).

-Yamaha Montage has flagship engine that Yamaha developed for 10 years.

Yamaha Montage‘s envelope follower uses audio signal as the source for the dynamic control of parameters.

-Montage 6 and Montage 7 have semi-weighted keyboard

-Montage 8 has weighted balanced hammer action.

For brief pictured description for Motion Control, click here.


Yamaha Montage Features (from Yamaha official site)

Motion Control Synthesis Engine

Motion Control Synthesis Engine unifies and controls two iconic Sound Engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and subtractive synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure Frequency Modulation synthesis.) These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single MONTAGE Performance.

Interact with MONTAGE Performances using Motion Control: a highly programmable control matrix for creating deep, dynamic and incredibly expressive sound. With Motion Control, you can create new sounds that were not possible on previous synthesizers.

Yamaha Montage Motion Control Synthesis Engine
Yamaha Montage Motion Control Synthesis Engine

Here is Yamaha Montage Development Story

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23bqJfgqD_k&w=560&h=315]

1. Sophisticated Dynamic Control

Yamaha Montage Dynamic Control

-Super Knob

Yamaha Montage Super Knob
Super Knob

Create dynamic sound changes from radical to sublime with the Yamaha Montage’s Super Knob. The Super Knob can control multiple parameters simultaneously resulting in anything you can imagine. Yamaha Montage enables players do something they could not do with other synthesizers in live performance.

Yamaha Montage’s Super Knob function can even be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller making it easy to manipulate the sound effect when playing with both hands.

For example, with Yamaha Montage, you can first play with small ensemble orchestra voice, and when you use either super knob or volume pedal, the small ensemble gradually becomes big string orchestra. And you can also add drum beat(+tempo control) using either controller.

– Motion SEQ

Yamaha Montage Motion Sequencer
Motion SEQ

Yamaha Montage has Motion sequences function that can adapt any tempo in real time, providing fully customizable control. And the exported files can be assigned to any synthesizer prarameters. It Can add massive sound effects with 2 dedicated powerful sound engines and Super knob or a pedal.

Simplay saying, you can insert in small editings while playing.

– Envelope Follower

Yamaha Montage Envelope Follwer
Envelope Follower

Yamaha Montage has Envelope follower function which converts audio into control source for parameters. Live audio source through A/D input also can be used.

Music in MotionWhat is motion controlMotion Control conceptual diagram


2. Massive Sound Creation

Yamaha Montage has 2 main sound engines for variety of quality playback and sound.

Yamaha Montage Massive Sound Creation

– AWM2

Yamaha Montage AWM2

With Yamaha’s propriety data compression technology, Yamana Montage’s AWM2 sound engine can do huge data compression without any loss in sound quality

・Waveform Capacity
Yamaha MONTAGE has 10 times more waveform capacity than Motif XF. Able to contain more and quality samples.

– FM-X

Yamaha Montage FMX

Yamaha Montage not just have one latest engine, but it also produces classic ’80s and cutting-edge EDM sound with FM-X engine. Allowing numerous sound design options.

– Content


Yamaha Montage Bösendorfer
Bösendorfer 290 Imperial

・Bösendorfer Piano
Yamaha Montage includes legendary Bösendorfer 290 Imperial piano sound which produces warm tone know as “Viennese sound”. This piano sound goes well with Brahms and Beethoven.

– Effects

Yamaha Montage Virtual Circuitry Modeling

Yamaha’s VCM technology demonstration with MOTIF XF


– Pure Analog Circuit

 Yamaha Montage Pure Analog Circuit

Yamaha Montage uses quality analog outputs “Pure Analog Circuit” (PAC). PAC improves signal quality after digital sound converted to analog sound for clear harmonic reproduction and even frequency response.

3. Streamlined Workflow

 Yamaha Montage Streamlined Workflow

– USB Audio/MIDI Connection

 Yamaha Montage USB/MIDI

You can connect the Yamaha MONTAGE to your computer with a  USB cable and capture every nuance of your creativity into your DAW. MONTAGE’s powerful USB driver can send 16 and receive 3 channels (check purpose) of STEREO 24 bit/44.1 kHz digital audio to/from your computer or iOS device.

The USB connection also features full MIDI support of 16 channels.

* MONTAGE supports the sampling rate up to 192 kHz.

– SSS (Seamless Sound Switching)

 Yamaha Montage Seamless Sound Switching

Yamaha Montage provides smooth transition between envelopes or effects. This is perfect for live performances.

* This function is only available for Performances that have a maximum of 8 parts.

– A/D Input

Yamaha Montag can process any external audio sources through A/D input such as microphone. These outside source sounds can be even used with Envelope follower.

– Physical Control

 Yamaha Montage Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Yamaha Montage Rotaries

Eight Rotary Encoders and Faders with Stepladder LED(position indicator) are in Yamaha Montage. Thus Yamaha Montage is able to feature a comprehensive set of physical controls for intuitive music making and sound creation.


 Yamaha Montage Live Set

Yamaha Montage offers users convenient screen settings so you can organize your own performance schemes. It does not change order or name of files when imported and exported.

– Direct Control Assignment

 Yamaha Montage Direct Control Assignment

You can preset Montage’s parameters with Direct Control Assignment, and import the setting with a touch of a screen.

– Cubase AI bundle

Yamaha Montage Cubase AI

Yamaha Montage also comes with Steinberg’s music production application Cubase AI. The application provides integrated recording and editing function.



Yamaha Montage Version 1.1

– Added 64 new sounds for Montage.

-Montage purchasers can download Bosendorfer piano sounds for free

-Yamaha File Converter Web-app, just drag & drop.


Yamaha Montage Version 1.2

Yamaha Connect is a helpful program for transferring data between montage and computer (.X7B & .MID data).

-Montage Live Set – When playing a audio file through Montage, now you can see all the appropriate screens.

-Montage Connect Plugin – Connect the Montage to a computer that has Montage Connect Plugin, and you will be able to import and export MIDI or arp or audio file in real time.

-Montage Compatibility – Connect a normal digital piano to Montage with MIDI, and you can use that digital piano like Montage.

Yamaha Montage vs Motif XF Comparison

Specification Feature Motif XF Montage
AWM2 Waveform ROM size 741Mb+128Mb 5.67Gb+1.75Gb
Synthesis Type AWM2 AWM2 + FM-X
Polyphony 128 AWM2: 128/FM-X:128
User Flash Optional Integrated 1.75Gb
Total Waveforms 3,977 6,347
Multichannel Digital Audio Output Optional Integrated: USB to host
Physical Outputs Unbalanced L+R¹ Balanced L+R¹
# of Dual Insert Effect Blocks 8 16+A/D = 17
# of Playable Parts in a Performance 4 8
Arpeggio Content 7,881 10,000
# of Performances 512 user 1,920 pre/640 u/5,120 lib²

1. Unbalanced Stereo L+R, Unbalanced Assignable L+R

1. 1/4″ Balanced Stereo L+R, 1/4″ Balanced Assignable L+R

2. 1,920 Preset Performances, 640 User Performances, 5,120 Library Performances



4. Yamaha Montage Compatibility (Yamaha Official Website)

Yamaha Montage compatibility
Yamaha Montage compatibility with FM Sythesizers
MOTIF XF file type MOTIF XF filename extension Description
All .X3A User voices, user arpeggios, user waveforms
All Voice .X3V User voices
All Arp .X3G User arpeggios
All Waveform .X3W User waveforms

Yamaha Montage is fully compatible with Motif XF. And it is partially compatible with DX7, DX7II, TX802, TX816, Motif XS, S90 XS, S70 XS, Motif ES.


Color| Yamaha Montage is available in black color


Yamaha Montage comes with  1 year parts and labor warranty


Specs (based on Montage 8)(Yamaha Official website)


Dimensions Width 1,450 mm (57-1/16″)
Height 160 mm (6-5/16″)
Depth 470 mm (18-1/2″)
Weight Weight 29 kg (63 lbs., 15 oz.)

Control Interface

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Type Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard
Initial Touch Yes
Aftertouch Yes

Tone generator

Tone Generator Motion Control Synthesis Engine AMW2: 8 Elements FM-X: 8 Operators, 88 Algorithms
Maximum Polyphony AWM2: 128 (max.; stereo/mono waveforms) FM-X: 128 (max.)
Multi Timbral Capacity 16 Parts (internal), Audio Input Parts (A/D*, USB*) *stereo Part
Wave Preset: 5.67 GB (when converted to 16 bit linear format), User: 1.75 GB
Performance Approx. 1,900
Filter 18 types
Effects Reverb x 12 types, Variation x 76 types, Insertion (A, B) x 76 types*, Master Effect x 15 types *A/D part insertion x 71 types (Preset settings for parameters of each effect type are provided as templates) Master EQ (5 bands), 1st part EQ (3 bands), 2nd part EQ (2 bands)


Controllers Master Volume, AD Input Gain knob, Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Ribbon Controller, Control Sliders x 8, Knobs x 8, Super Knob, Data dial
Display 7″ TFT Color Wide VGA LCD touch screen
Connectors [USB TO DEVICE], [USB TO HOST], MIDI [IN]/[OUT]/[THRU], FOOT CONTROLLER [1]/[2], FOOT SWITCH [ASSIGNABLE]/[SUSTAIN], OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, Balanced TRS jacks), ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT (BALANCED) [L]/[R] (6.3 mm, Balanced TRS jacks), [PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack), A/D INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
Power Consumption 27 W
Accessories AC Power cord, Owner’s Manual, Cubase AI Download Information
Live Sets Preset: 128 and more, User: 2,048

Performance Recorder

Tracks 16 Sequence tracks, Tempo track, Scene track
Recording type Real time replace, Real time overdub, Real time punch in/out
Note Capacity Approx. 130,000 notes
Note Resolution 480 ppq (parts per quarter note)
Tempo (BPM) 5 – 300
Songs 64 songs
Arpeggio Parts: 8 Parts simultaneous (max.), Preset: Approx. 10,000 types User: 256 types
Sequence formats MONTAGE original format, SMF formats 0, 1


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