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Yamaha P255

Yamaha P255 merits

-Yamaha P255 is produced and sold as a successor of the signature portable model of Yamaha P Series, Yamaha P155.
-Yamaha P255 is very popular to pianists for its modern design and various available functions.
-Yamaha P255 has great touch and weighted keys of GH action.
-Yamaha P255 is one of the favorite digital pianos for customers who want similar touch as acoustic piano.
-Yamaha P255 is one of the bestsellers of Yamaha products.
-Yamaha P255 has absolutely amazing polyphony of 256 Polyphony and great sound output of 15 X 15= 30 Watts and has installed speaker.
-With this technology and function, Yamaha P255 has great use without the amp, for home-style and for narrow locations.
-Yamaha P255 can be used for concerts and recitals because it has IN & OUT PUT HOST that connects to amp.
-Yamaha P255 can be used along with various apps provided by Yamaha.
-Yamaha P255 is a popular successor of acknowledged Yamaha P155.
-Yamaha P255 has an upgraded keyboard and function from Yamaha P155.
-Yamaha P255 is made for convenient portability with lighter (38lbs) and smaller size.
-Also Yamaha P255 has EQ function so you can uniquely control bass and pitch of the same voice at convenience.

-Yamaha P255 can be carried as a portable and has convenience and various functions.
Our outlook is that it will become even more popular.
-Yamaha P255 is made in Japan. Yamaha is much invested into Yamaha P255. Yamaha P255 is detailed and durable. Body finish is also prestigious, simple and modern.
Although Yamaha P255 is at $1299 which can sound high, but, if you are considering a digital piano for the purpose of portability, narrow location and similar touch as an acoustic, then Yamaha P255 is highly recommended.

Yamaha P255 sound boostYamaha P255 Sound|

— Yamaha P255 is sampled from Yamaha grand piano 9’ CF Series which has soft, clear sound.
Yamaha P255 has an installed speaker of 30Watts which can be a great use for homes, school, and concerts.
Yamaha P255 has circular speaker that balances sound and plays the unique sound effects of Yamaha.
You can get comfortable with performance as you play the Yamaha P255 because Yamaha P255 has high polyphony of 256.
Yamaha P255 has 4 different piano sounds with the total sound of 24 different sounds.Yamaha P255 types of voice
Yamaha P255 also has 10 different rhythms to play with.
Yamaha P255 has P255 controller to connect to smartphones and pads such as iPhones and iPads; this can aid your performance at churches and concerts. Yamaha P255 has 3 EQ sliders systems to easily harmonize the balance of low and high pitches. Yamaha P255

Yamaha P255 Sliders
Yamaha P255 3-EQ Slideralso has AUX HOST that connects to MP3 which allows you to play along with the songs from the MP3.  Yamaha P255 is portable that can sufficiently express different melody. With great speaker technology, Yamaha P255 is great fit for beginner children at home. IN & OUTPUT HOST is also useful in public places such as churches and schools.

Yamaha P255 Touch|

— Yamaha P255 has 88 weighted grade hammers. Similar to a grand piano, this system makes low-pitched keys heavier and makes the weight of the keys lighter as pitch gets higher.
The GH action of Yamaha P255 is very popular among many pianists. Dynamic and heavy, the keyboard is made of ivory-touch that absorbs sweats off the fingers when played for longer duration.
Pianists who experienced both GHS and GH action are very satisfied with the GH action. GH action of Yamaha is neat and easily controllable.
Yamaha P255 widely acknowledged by many pianists. With portability and great action, Yamaha P255 is the best enjoyable piano ever.
This type of exceptional action is a necessity for playing different genre, especially for classical music.

Yamaha P255 is great for the purpose of education and pianists who desire detailed performance.

Yamaha P255 Function|

— Yamaha P-255 has many different functions.

  1. Sound | Yamaha P-255 has 4 different piano sounds and 20 different sounds such as string, organ and etc. This totals to 24 different various sounds.
  2. Layer | with this technique, you can play two different sounds simultaneously on one key. You will be able to play piano and string sound or piano and organ sound at the same time. You will be able to make the performance more beautiful and will give you more enjoyment.Yamaha P255 layered_final
  3. LED Screen | You can control function conveniently with the LED Screen.
  4. APPS |  You can connect your Yamaha P255 with smartphone and smartpads through APPS

    List of APPs

P-255 Controller

P-255 Controller

The free P-255 Controller App for iPhone or iPad can be downloaded from the App Store here. With it, you can control a wide range of the digital piano’s functions with an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface. This visual approach to configuring the P-255 makes it easy to try out functions that you may not have considered using before.

*An Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter/iPad Camera Connection Kit or dedicated Yamaha cable such as the i-MX1/i-UX1 is required for connection.

Works with: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later

Languages: English

Download from the App Store

Download from the App Store.

Piano Diary

Piano Diary Icon

Have you ever wished you could share your best performances with your family and your friends? Have you ever wished you could keep a record of your piano performance improvements? Piano Diary is a free iPhone/iPad application that enables you to easily record and store your performance in the cloud server and playback whenever and wherever you are. Learn more

Works with: iPad 2 / iPad / iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS / iPod touch (4th generation, 3rd generation)

Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later

Supported instruments: You can use Piano Diary with any MIDI- or USB-equipped piano, digital piano or keyboard. For instruments that have USB, you will need an iPad or iPad 2 with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Download from the App Store

Download from the App Store.

Note Star

NoteStar Icon

We recognized a void in the way sheet music had evolved. The evolution of mobile devices had quickly outgrown organic uses of sheet music, and the advancements of this technology clearly offered more possibilities than any music publisher had delivered. It is out of this environment that the idea for NoteStar was born. Here we had the opportunity to take advantage of the iPad’s dynamic display, touch response, and audio integration, and offer a sheet music experience that moved beyond simple page display.

Works with: iPad / iPad 2

Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later

Languages: English

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store.

Visual Performer

Song Beats

Visual Performer is a new type of application for graphically visualizing your musical performance from any MIDI device. A variety of built-in animations respond to the pitch and velocity from your instrument. It’s a great way to add cool imagery to your performances!

Works with: iPhone 3GS/4/4S & later, iPod touch (3rd/4th Generation & later), iPad (1st/3rd generation), iPad2 (2nd generation)
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later
Languages: English and Japanese

Download on the App Store

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